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A brand is more than a logo.

A brand is a story. About people. And we are passionate about telling that story through a minimalistic approach to design from logos to advertising. Our goal is to tell a brand's story with the least amount of moving parts as possible in order that the message and tone of the brand speaks vibrantly to its market.


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Music Packaging

Our roots in the music industry.

From full print packaging and production to digital album artwork, with our rich background in the touring market, our goal remains unchanged: To leave an impression on the audience of the amazing artists we get to work with. This impression begins with album art that represents the artist's vision and brand.

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Design & Production.

We not only design crisp, professional artwork for our client's apparel needs, but we can take the design all the way to the finish line thanks to our relationships with multiple merchandise production companies across the country. Our goal is to not only make your brand look great, but to also make the process as efficient as possible for you from start to finish.

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Bringing brands to life.

Once a brand's identity has it's frame via logos and brand marks, the story can be unfolded through vibrant advertising campaigns.

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Your brand to the world.

Today more than ever it is crucial for your brand to be highly visible and consistently presented on all platforms. From simple splash pages to more detailed Squarespace builds, to more focussed Wordpress builds, we can help you get your web presence dialed.

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I grew up outside of Los Angeles and was surrounded with music and art from an early age.

My dad introduced me to guitar and I began writing songs around age fourteen. By the end of High School I had also found a passion for graphic design. I specifically loved where these two worlds of music and art collided.

Fast forward: After High School, I got an Associates Degree in graphic design, then worked at a couple of small indie labels as a designer, toured with a band called Kutless (Tooth & Nail Records) for about eight years, moved from Sothern California to Nashville, wrote songs for Capitol CMG Publishing, and have NOW landed and put down roots here in Portland, OR along with my wife and 2 sons.

Equal Seven exists thanks to the wonderful relationships we continue to build with amazing people all over the world and because of the hard work of our designers and the creative community that surrounds us.

I've been so blessed to enjoy a life full of unconventional "jobs" and I'm grateful every day for the places I've seen and people I've met over the years.

Nick de Partee
Founder & Designer

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