Gear Talk Logo Redesign

We recently had the privilege of creating a logo for our good friend Lance Seymour, founder of the online gear review and musician community known as Gear Talk


Gear Talk is a well known brand in the music world. Since 2001 Lance and GT have been leaders in the gear community and he is only beginning. Lance is more inspired and driven than ever before and hired us to tell the story of Gear Talk's heartbeat.

Inspired by classic rock branding elements and designed as a punk infused banner of anarchy, the red flag logo was born out of a desire show Gear Talk's spirit of innovation and constant drive to be ahead of the curve. Lance and his company are trend-setters in their industry and this new logo vibrantly reflects the truth of that pioneering spirit which birthed the company from the beginning.

In addition to the primary branding elements we are also working with Gear Talk on an advertising campaign sharing the new "face" of the company as seen below.